Savanna, GA / Charleston, SC, day 9

Starting out the day by walking around in Savanna. Maybe even have lunch here. When it is too hot, we will head toward Charleston. Savannah, GA Another hot and humid day…. Walked around a bit in the City marked in the morning, but soon headed north to Charleston. Decided to get a lunch at CrackerContinue reading “Savanna, GA / Charleston, SC, day 9”

Memphis, TN + along Mississippi River, day 4

It is a bit hot & humid to stay outside for longer periods at a time, so we try to stay inside or in the car as much as we can. Graceland Today we are heading to Graceland, Memphis. We actually got tickets go get in! Didn’t expect that, since it turned out to beContinue reading “Memphis, TN + along Mississippi River, day 4”