New Orleans, LA, day 6

Breakfast at the hotel, before checking out.

Today we will visit the National WWII Museum, have a lunch and head over to Penascola, FL

From the hotel

Started to slow down the pace a bit. New Orleans was really too hot&humid to walk around as much as we wanted. Today we only drove for three hours. The highlight was the WWII museum.The national WWII museum

The National WWII Museum, formerly known as The National D-Day Museum, is a military history museum located in the Central Business District of New Orleans, Louisiana, on Andrew Higgins Drive between Camp Street and Magazine Street. The museum focuses on the contribution made by the United States to Allied victory in World War II. Founded in 2000, it was later designated by the U.S. Congress as America’s official National WWII Museum in 2003. The museum maintains an affiliation with the Smithsonian Institution. The mission statement of the museum emphasizes the American experience in World War II.


Very nice museum, visit it if in New Orleans. Spent a few hours there. Had lunch at the American Sector diner.

Florida Visitor Center

Pensacola, FL

Not too hot, it is the humidity that makes us stay in air conditioned environments.

Had dinner at the local Texas Roadhouse. I had a full slab of rib. It was very good and tasty.

The waitress had Norway on her bucket list, but for some reason she did not seem to remember why. She listed lots of countries in Europe, she wanted to visit. After a few minutes it dawned on her, why she wanted to go to Norway. It turned out her boyfriend was Norwegian….. Poor girl was obviously tired from the long day at work. A bit amusing for us, though.

The Car

GMC Arcadia SLT. Nice car, but should have been a V6…


Today in Music

  • Elvis Presley died 41 years ago
  • Aretha Franklin died today
  • Madonna is 60 years old

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