Pensacola, FL, day 7

Today we will visit the National Naval Aviation Museum, before heading toward Jacksonville, FL. Driving through Tallahassee, we might stop by there as well. It’s a five hour drive, so we’ll not be there before 6-7. Trying to drive shorter distances, but sometimes we’ll just have to do it. We are about a day before the loose schedule we have. I believe it will be nice to spend some more time on the east coast than we have done so far on the trip.

National Naval Aviation Museum

The National Naval Aviation Museum, formerly known as the National Museum of Naval Aviation and the Naval Aviation Museum, is a military and aerospace museum located at Naval Air Station PensacolaFlorida. The museum was established 14 December 1962 with the initial facility located in a cramped 8,500 square foot building aboard the air station that had been erected during World War II and which was dedicated in June 1963. The Phase I portion of the current facility was dedicated Sunday 13 April 1975, although it had been informally open since November 1974. Construction of the new location began in November 1972.


A bit strange to drive into a Naval base. Two password & Drive license checks before they let us drive into the base. Got there eventually….

Home base for the Blue Angels

On the road

A wet day. Had periods with heavy rain. Most of the time we were driving, so It was ok. Lots of humidity.

We were stuck in a traffic jam, due to a collision (what we believed at the time). Turned out to be a truck, that was completely burnt out, melted. Only the trailer left.

Saw some signs warning about bears 🐻 in the area. A bit disappointed we did not see or grill any.

Drove to Jacksonville, FL. Ate at the Cross Creek Barbeque & Steakhouse. Rib and Chicken Combo with Beans and Fries. Good food. Were lucky to get a table at once. Usually there were a waiting time of 45, according to google.

Michelin man?
Almost had to stop due to lack of visibility
Ice cream robot…


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