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Going home

Dropped breakfast this morning as we booked a table at the ferry going home. Had to be at the ferry terminal before 9 in the morning. Plenty of food for breakfast. The weather was good, so the trip was smooth. Kristiansand Headed straight west when we arrived in Kristiansand. Good to get back home afterContinue reading “Going home”


Want to head to Hirtshals tonight so we don’t need to head out early tomorrow morning. First we are heading to Hanstholm to visit the Bunkermuseum. Hanstholm Started out at the Bunkermuseum, which is Northern Europe’s largest WWII battery complex. The battery was built in 1941 together with a similar battery at Kristiansand in Norway,Continue reading “Hirtshals”


Drove along the coast to Lemvig, before heading North-East to Aalborg. Men at sea Men at Sea or Man meets the sea is a 9-metre (30 feet) tall white monument of four seated males, located west of Esbjerg next to Sædding Beach on the southwest coast of Denmark. Located opposite the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, it is one of the area’s major touristContinue reading “Aalborg”


Leaving for Esbjerg today. Decided to take the ferry to Als, drive west to Tønder and along the west coast to Esbjerg. Headed down 43 to Bøjden for the ferry to Als. Had already paid for the ferry. Opted for the ferry at 12, but we did not have any breaks, so we just madeContinue reading “Esbjerg”


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