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Back in Denmark

Back in Denmark we first visited Frøslev Prison Camp. It was an internment camp used in 1944 and 1945 during WWII. Visited Vejle for a quick bite before taking some smaller roads to our final destination for the night, Aarhus. Really nice and warm weather these days. Walked to downtown Aarhus for a late dinnerContinue reading “Back in Denmark”

Going north

Last night in Melle, now going to the local car museum. Heading north so we are clear of Hamburg for tomorrow morning. Possibly going to Verden (the World?) today. Drove from Melle to Verden. Verden in Norwegian means the world, so we were going into and out of the world…. nice and warm. We walkedContinue reading “Going north”


Today we have been in Osnabrück, Warendorf and Melle. Nice cities all of them. Warendorf was the one I liked the most. Horses seems to be a big thing. There were horse sculptures in almost every street. Relaxing at the hotel and had a good long meal in the restaurant. It was the hottest dayContinue reading “Warendorf”


Started in Wolfsburg and the VW museum. Lunch south of Hannover at Alte Hahnenburg. Then over to Minden to see the Mittellandkanal aqueduct over the Weser river. Staying in Melle for a few nights. Map


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