Blue Ridge Parkway, day 11

Tomorrow it it time for the mountains. Driving up to Blowing Rock and entering the Blue Ridge Parkway. Will drive to Asheville,NC where we will stay overnight.

Blowing Rock, NC

Visitor center

Visited the visitor center to get an overview over today’s trip. Met a Willie Nelson look-alike. Nice & funny guy, but we had to get going.

Blue ridge parkway

Now this was quite a wet experience. We had a lot of rain during the day. Had to stop a few times to wait for the rain to stop. Had hoped to get more picture than we did. Didn’t care to much about getting wet.

A wet day…

Didn’t see any bears. Disappointed!

Visited the highest mountain in NC mount Mitchel. The view could have been better….

Asheville, NC

Downtown Asheville for the night. Walked over to “Salsa Mexican Caribean Restaurant” for dinner.

Nice, but expensive hotel for the night.

Shower controls


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