Old Car City / Atlanta, GA, day 13

Tomorrow we will visit the Old Car City in White, GA. Will finish the day in Atlanta.

Old Car City, White, GA

Old Car City in White, Georgia contains the worlds largest known classic car junkyard. Visitors enjoy the beautiful vegetation of the deep south that is intertwined with the hundreds of cars that reside in Old Car City. Old Car City started as a small general store in 1931 and is still family owned and operated. Come enjoy the Old South environment, folk art, ghosts of beautiful classic cars, and much more! With over 34 acres and over 4000 American-made cars from the early 20th Century, these cars, trucks, vans, and even a couple school buses are placed in such a way as to be ideally suited for photos, videos and custom camera shoots.

–About us / https://www.oldcarcityusa.com
Elvis’ last car

Drove from Knoxville, TN to White, GA to visit the Old Car City. Made sure we had a lunch at Cracker Barrel first. Our default restaurant for lunch.

Took a few pictures at the outside, before entering the shop. Before long a young guy turned up to inform us about the trip and to sell tickets. He showed us where to find different things, most of which we forgot immediately. There are approx 6 miles of trails to wander to look at the 4400 cars dating from 1972 and back. (We also found a few newer…)

Most of the cars seemed to be hidden in the wood, which made for some nice pictures. A bit challenging light today, so the cars had some sun spots. There were crashed cars, rusted cars, cars on top of each other, cars in an old shed and cars in a circle (art). Cars everywhere. So we were walking down memory lane. There were even some European cars. Renault, Ford Anglia, beetles, Peugeot 404 and VW Bus.

At one point something fell off a shed. It turned out to be a snake. It just disappeared. At the Car Art part, we also had an encounter with a snake, but it was soon gone.

We spent a good hour and, and did not cover everything. It was too hot walking around in the sun. In the shades it was ok. I think I would bring a speedlight next time, to light up some of the cars. Will have to see when I study the pictures in detail.

They do not seem to expand the place very much anymore, jut buys an old car once in a while if they fancy it.

Atlanta, GA

Arrived in the peek hour traffic in Atlanta. That is, we stay about 15 miles North of downtown. After settling in the hotel, we re-packed for the flight tomorrow and relaxed, contemplating on the trip we have been on so far.

Tomorrow, two of us is heading to Minneapolis, to visit friends, and for my part to visit US State #48 – Nebraska. No plans to visit the last two, but we’ll see.

There are some parts I might have to visit/re-visit.

  • Bodie, CA – Old preserved city from the gold rush area
  • Rocky Mountains, in the Boulder Area. Looking for wildlife.
  • Great Smokey Mountains in the Fall.
  • Blue ridge highway. Looking for wildlife.
  • Arches and Bryce Canyon in Utah.
  • Mesa Verde and Durango in Colorado
  • Sequoia and Death Valley in California
  • Charleston and Savannah in Georgia
  • New Mexico

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