Moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Need to move to Jerusalem today. Have not decided how, but maybe it is a good opportunity to try the new high speed train.

Lazy morning. Walked a bit getting a SIM card for data and some after sun lotion.

Relaxing at the beach

While walking I pondered about where the next hotel in Tel Aviv was located. When returning…. googled it and it turned out I just passed it. It was 40m behind me…

Seems warmer than yesterday. Nice relaxing a bit at the beach. Walking back to the hotel to check out before 11am.

Turned out the check out is 12. Oh well. Relaxing a bit in the lobby before getting a taxi to the rail station. Slow train or fast train?

Hmm. No check in before 3pm. Plenty of time. Maybe I can drop the suitcase at the hotel?

Checked in at the hotel a few hours before checkin-hours… funny they didn’t expect me till tomorrow. 😳 It all worked out after a while.

Relaxing a bit in the room when a staff member knocked on the door wanting to paint parts of the wall. Let him in. Took only two minutes.

Took a look at the view from the rooftop. Nice, but there was a cold wind.

View from rooftop
Flower on rooftop

Went for a walk to Montefiore Windmill and down to Mamilla.

Montefiore Windmill
Art in Mamilla

Walking up Yafo street up to King George street and back to the hotel, where I met Joanna in the lobby for a chat.

Walked over to the KKCJ service at 5pm, and walked back when it was done.

New walk record today.

Relaxing at the hotel, preparing for tomorrows events.

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