Bat Mitzvah

We started out with breakfast, before taking our bus to the Dung gate. Walked into Davidson park for the ceremony.

After the ceremony we walked up to a cafe to eat the bat mitzvah cake, which was transported from England. It looked superb and tested very well.

Walked over to the Kotel for a behind the scenes tour of the tunnels. It was nice seeing something that is fairly new and something not everyone gets to see.

Stayed for a while at the Kotel, so all who wanted could put a prayer note in a crack in the wall.


Walked around in the Old City, some buying stuff, while others were just hanging around waiting for the rest. Also had a great pomegranate juice while waiting.

Headed back to the hotel, where the program is fully booked. Will be plenty of food, it seems. Started with some snacks at 5. Dinner is up at 6:30pm.

Dinner and party left. Snacks (Snakes? Some confusion about what) are gone.

Dinner at the hotel. Very good food! However; too much… 🙂 Also didn’t get to try the dessert. Need to improve tomorrow.

Party with even more food and drink, photo booth, kahoot!, singing, and speaches. Very nice day with the Bat Mitzvah girl.

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