Tel Aviv

Today is the first day in Israel. I hope to have some nice weather and to some necessary shopping… SIM card for 4G router, batteries,… Also would like to relax at the beach and adjust to the climate.

Looking good so far. Got 4 hours of sleep so a bit tired. Breakfast ends in 90 minutes so should probably get going soon.

Have been sitting and walking at the beach. Quite nice, but a bit cold. 18C + wind, so I probably shouldn’t have put on a shorts…

Yafo / Jaffa

Walking along the beach toward Yafo. Trying to find back to a street with some fun decorations on one of the houses. Vaguely remember where I walked, but not the street name…

Found it! It was in Neve Tzedek. 🙂

House in Neve Tzede, Tel Aviv

Walked up to Sederot Rotschild / Rotschild boulevard to get som food at Max Brenner.

Had the signature hamburger and a side. Tried to get fries, but it turned up as rice…. 😀 Since it is a chocolate restaurant I also had a Mexican Spicy Hot Chocolate.

Lunch at Max Brenner

Walking back Allenby street, I met these guys. One claimed to be famous and wanted me to take his picture. Actor he said. Anyway not known to me.

Famous guys?

Walked back to the hotel to relax a bit and catch up on some sleep. Got out just in time for sunset…

Plenty of birds around… Had a few couples who wanted me to take pictures of them… So I almost missed the sunset highlight….

Relaxing and editing photos in the afternoon. Eating walnuts and almonds. Moving up to Jerusalem tomorrow, so I will try to be at the hotel when check-in starts.

Got some sun burn today. Decided to walk around in shorts. There was a chilling wind, so didn’t notice that I was burnt… It will be colder in Jerusalem, so I guess there is no use in putting on shorts tomorrow.

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