Time for vacation

My first vacation after starting in the new job. Leaving for Israel for a Bat Mitzvah. Will also be able to relax some days before and after the trip.

Will try to post some pictures while travelling.

Pretty nice, it seems. It was actually snowing today. Around 5C. On my way to the airport.

Flight to Amsterdam was OK. Landed 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Now I have to wait for a few hours for the connecting flight.

Did not visit, though. Had a muffin and some water. Lots of travelers from Ecuador at the gate. Plenty of noise…

Plane to TLV was almost on time. Was able to sleep some even though the seat was not too good. It is an advantage to select special food on KLM to Israel. They prioritize that food so I got it 30 mins before my neighbor. 😊

Arrived about on time. 10C so a bit warmer than home. Going to be better tomorrow. Immigration was smooth. Only took 5 mins. Waiting for the luggage took a while. Grabbed an official taxi to the hotel. Got 15th floor this time. With a view to the beach. Probably a better view tomorrow.

4am. Time to get some rest. Breakfast closes in 6 hours. Hmm. Only 2:30 till it opens.

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