Time to go home, day 22

Today it is time to start on the journey home. Will be home early afternoon on Sunday. Light breakfast, before heading over to the Walker Art Gallery/Minnesota sculpture park. Walked around a bit in the heat. It was great coming into the cool museum.

Wanted to go over to Minnehaha falls, but we couldn’t find any parking. Decided to skip it and go for lunch instead. After lunch we headed over to the airport, fueled the rental car and returned it. Check-in, baggage drop and security was fast so we had 1:40 to wait before boarding.

Now in place in my seat waiting for takeoff in about 20 mins.

Came to Amsterdam 50 minutes ahead of schedule, so we had plenty of time at the airport. Quite tired, so didn’t do much.

On time for the last leg. No problems with getting the luggage this time.. :-). Security was smooth, walked straight to the taxi who brought us home. Another trip to the US is over. Now I have visited 48 states, more than all Americans I know. No plans to visit the to last states currently. We’ll have to see.

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