Omaha, NE, day 18

After breakfast we will start out in the Zoo, before it is too hot (hopefully). Moving on to the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum. Then Old Market Historic District, before heading toward Sioux City.

Soo, we should probably stay inside after 12pm… as there is quite high chance of rain.

Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha

After breakfast, we drove 10 minutes into Nebraska and the zoo. Arrived just after they opened at 9am. Soon after we started to walk around, it started to rain. At one point it rained significantly. Luckily there were roofs we could sit under, till it stopped. Temperature was not too bad so it didn’t matter too much that we were wet.

Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum

Nice to stay inside while it is raining outside. They had two hangars. SR-71 and B52 are some of the highlights.

Lewis and Clarke state park

Replica of boat used by Lewis and Clarke


Started in Council Bluff, IA. And ended in Sioux Falls, SD. Dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Ready for lunch appointment tomorrow noon.

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