Council Bluffs, IA, day 17

Starting on the trip to Omaha, NE. Need to go there to finish off the 48 states. Varying opinions on how much there really is to see there. Need to go the the Zoo, and the Old Market historic district. Not sure if we are going to reach Nebraska tomorrow, but we’ll head in that direction.

Starting out around 9 am on I35 South toward Des Moines, IA. Three are a few things we would like to check out in Iowa as well.

The Hemken Collection

Antique car collection in Iowa. Turns out to be closed. Moving on.

Madison County

Drove to the visitor center to get some information and maps. Nice lady there, showed us where to go. Since we were in the area of the John Wayne birth place and museum, we started there.


Seems like the place is famous for bridges as well. Here are some of them.

This bridge was in the movie.

Bonnie and Clyde

The Bonnie and Clyde Gang robbed this bank in Stuart, Iowa 1934. It was their last bank robbery and came some time after they had a shootout with the law in nearby Dexter, Iowa. Some members were killed and others wounded setting them up for the infamous lawmans’ ambush in the south.

Building is now a hair salon.

Jesse James

This monument shows where the first western train robbery by Jesse James occurred on July 21, 1873. It has the actual track Jesse James separated to derail the train.

Council Bluffs

Council Bluffs is a city in and the county seat of Pottawattamie CountyIowa, United States. The city is the most populous in Southwest Iowa, and a principal city in the Omaha–Council Bluffs metropolitan area. It is located on the east bank of the Missouri River, across from Omaha, Nebraska. Council Bluffs was known, until at least 1853, as Kanesville. It was the historic starting point of the Mormon Trail. Kanesville is also the northernmost anchor town of the other emigrant trails, since there was a steam powered boat to ferry their wagons, and cattle, across the Missouri River.

Council Bluffs’ population was 62,230 at the 2010 census. Along with neighboring Omaha to the west, Council Bluffs was part of the 60th-largest metropolitan area in the United States in 2010, which had an estimated population of 865,350 residing in the eight counties of the Omaha–Council Bluffs metropolitan area.

Council Bluffs is more than a decade older than Omaha. The latter, founded in 1854 by Council Bluffs businessmen and speculators following the Kansas–Nebraska Act, has grown to be a significantly larger city.


Dinner at Texas Roadhouse. In Council Bluffs, IA. Had pork chops.

Today’s trip

Lots of driving today, mostly due to the fact that some of the places we wanted to go was closed. Now we have plenty of time.

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