Back to Minneapolis, day 19

After breakfast, we will do some shopping. Heading over to Hills, MN, for a lunch appointment. In the afternoon we will head back to Minneapolis. So there will be some driving, as usual.

Sioux Falls, SD

Cold morning. 13C

Breakfasts at the hotel. Lunch appointment is only 30 mins away so we are not in a hurry. Driving to Walgreens to get some medication and water for the drive today. Wanted to see the Falls in Sioux Falls, but on our way we passed by a Barnes & Nobles. Once in there it takes a while to get out again, We had to skip the falls this time.

Drove over to Minnesota.

Hills, MN

Visited K at home. Busy day in the garden. Neighbor kid and mother mowed lawn and fixed the hedge. After a while we drove over to the local cafe to have lunch. Talked about W, the old days in Hills and her family. Encouraged her to write down the old stories. Drove back home, and stayed a while before heading on to Minneapolis.

A bit tired this afternoon, so TA took over the wheel.

Eden Prarie, MN

Lazy afternoon, which is excellent. Hard day tomorrow walking around looking for birds and wildlife.


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