Going home

Last morning. After breakfast at the hotel, I took a walk to the Apple Store to look at the new Apple TV. Looked nice, so I bought the small one.

Nice sightseeing cars

Relaxing at the hotel a few hours before leaving at noon. Driving über from the hotel to the airport.

Nice temperature

Arrived at the airport a bit early, so it was smooth getting through to the gates. Walked around a bit to scout the area. Ended up in the KLM lounge. Had a bit to eat and drink.  Half an hour till boarding starts. Not too excited about the long flight ahead. Knee is not too cooperative these days. 

View from lounge

Was able to sleep quite much. It was much better flying Airbus than old Boeing. Three more hours to wait before flying out of AMS. Nice and quiet in the lounge.  

Warmer than expected when returning. 13C. Windy, though.  Relaxing & watching TV. Time to call it a day soon. 

Nice trip.

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