Conference #last

Turned in late last night. Early morning today since we were checking out of the “hotel”.  Checking into Hilton today, so all is good. 

Went to a few sessions today, mostly to network. In the last hands on lab we had good tone with one of the product managers. 

Not so easy to check in, since they were not able to generate keys. Oh, well they finally made it and got a free breakfast in return. Ended up in the top floor in tower 3, #19. Too bad I didn’t get a view toward the harbor. Looking down at an empty pool. 

View from hotel room

Bad knee today,  so it is good to relax in a nice room. Tried a small walk, not working out too well. Grabbed a soy chai latte tea on my way back to the hotel. 

Last night here for now. Trying to get a table at the Cheesecake Factory. 

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