Conference #3

Starting out with hands-on-lab 8:45. Now it’s time for breakfast. Found a new Lori’s diner.  

After dinner it was time for a panel with our CEO among the participants.  

Lunch at a Michelin one star restaurant, combined with a work meeting with one of our partners.  

Time for a little nap before going to dinner at La Mar, Peruvian food. From there we were taken by boat to treasure island. Were recommended to come to the Tuesday BENELUX party next year, by Catalonia. We were a bit late, so we missed the concert with Beck. Elton John performed when we arrived. After something to drink and when we guessed he was getting to the end of his program, we went to grab some food. While we were having a good time, mr John quit playing. We headed for the bus right away. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long before we could enter a bus heading for union square. 

Switching hotel tomorrow, so needed to pack tonight. Getting a few hours of sleep before the program tomorrow.  

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