Prime time #1

Got up in time so I could have a quick breakfast. After breakfast I walked along the beach until I found a good place to sit. It was great just sitting around without having to plan anything. 18 C outside, but windy, so I had to go back to the hotel go pick-up a jacket. Not weather for shorts…

Location where I spent some time doing nothing. (Multiple times…)

After a while I figured out it was time to get a sim card with a data plan. Nice to have internet access.  I walked over to my regular sim card pusher.  Continued along Ben Yehuda. Bought a map for later.

Flowers outside a flower shop

Walking to the Old Port

For lunch I walked up to the Old Port to Landwer’s Coffee. Along the way I took some photos of the sea spraying over the rails.

Instance where I miscalculated and was soaked by salt water. My reflexes were ok, so I was able to protect the camera from most of the salty water.

Street art
Dove/Pigeon/Columbidae trying to escape my photo hunt
Beautiful Sunset. Looks nice, but it is actually quite chilly.

Lazy day, but walked 12,5 km.

When returning to the hotel, it turned out there was a happy hour. Free crackers, cheese and red wine/champagne.  Have mostly been editing photos this evening. Need to repack a bit and make a plan for how to get to the next city.


Todays GPS trail

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