Day #12 — return

Last day for now. I am returning home to work. Has been a great vacation, with lots of walking. Excluding the two first and the last day, I’ve walked an average of 8.17km per. day.  116350 steps.  Much of the time with blisters on my heel and a knee that hurts. 

Quite much colder at home

Will not be nice to go back to the cold.  

Checked out and went for a walk. A bit warm to walk so found a cool place in Mamilla. Still one hour before starting my return. 

Have done most of what I set out to do.  Planned to go north for a day to drive a scenic route. Also hoped to walk more in the old city. Sore feet and tensions in the city made me skip some parts. Can do more next time….

Mamilla view

Returning to the airport. Some traffic but shouldn’t be a problem. Have plenty of time.  

Arrives at airport approx 45mins ahead of time. Could possibly have been a bit earlier with an Israeli driver.  What takes longest is the line to the security questions and ranking of your risk level. 

Check-in and security of hand luggage was smooth, due to low risk. Emigration using bio passports was a breeze. All in all I used approx 1 1/2 hours through to the duty free shops. 

Browsing for a compact flash card. $149 for a 32GB card. Insane difference, but still cheaper than home!I could get the same card in NYC for $59. Not shopping there!!

Getting some food instead.  

Soon checkin in.  


Frankfurt. 10C brrrrr.  Driving around in a bus on the airport…. Final leg starts in 90 minutes. 


Way colder at home. Don’t like that, but I’ve gotta make a living. 

All in all a great trip. Lovely country, wonderful people. Tensions seem to have spread during the day.  I noticed one of the stabbings was along the way to the airport, which we drove earlier today.

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