Getting ready to leave for Oracle OpenWorld 15

A bit tired, since I opted for staying awake instead of sleeping. Taxi arriving in 20 mins. Hopefully I have packed everything…. Really need a bigger suitcase if the trip is going to be repeated!! It is full!

Looking forward to a busy trip. Hope I get some time to relax…


Grr. Taxi driver talked way! too much. Too tired to engage with his domestic problems…

Way too early at the airport. No line, no one behind the counters, no colleages. Security was a breeze. Tax free the same. Hanging around, waiting for the rest. 

Starting first leg to AMS. 

Starting next leg to San Fransisco.  

11 hours in a plane is way too long!! Was able to sleep some. Getting in to the US did not take long this time. They had machines at the airport reducing the time getting through. 

Took a taxi to the motel in San Mateo and checked in. Walked a bit in the area. After a while we decided to go to San Fransisco. The train had just left so we tried Uber. Worked well!

Walking around Union square. After a while we met with our boss and decided to get dinner. The Stinking Rose was the target. A good distance to walk so we took the tram to Chinatown and walked the last part. Food was good and full of garlic.  We were quite tired, so didn’t stay for long.  Uberd back to the hotels. 

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