Day 11 — old city

Breakfast done. Time to make a plan for the day. Maybe walk down to the excavations at the wall? Should be safe in that part of the old city. Probably should do some shopping. Last full day. Maybe a few hours tomorrow. 

View toward mount of olives

Walked to the kotel. Taking a look at the archeological dig at the wall.  Nice to see what they have been finding. No trouble walking back or forth. More security presence today, it seems. Really hot walking around today. I might have been drinking too little…. 🙁

Did some shopping on my way back to the hotel. See in the news that there were car bombs in Gothenburg. Also one outside Jerusalem. No where close to me. Lots of tourists in the old city today. 

Relaxing and cooling down a bit at the hotel. Watching the games in rapid chess 

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