Day #10 — Shabat

A lot of things are closed today. Will be good with a day of relexation. Breakfast is done. Looking through the guide book at the hotel.  Tower of Davis is open and has a lightshow tonight.  Maybe I should check it out.

Sitting at the sun terrace a bit to check it out. Must have been raining for the coaches are somewhat wet.  Silence is broken by sirens from some sort of first responder and a pigeon.

Not too bad
View from tower of David

Quite nice view from the tower in several directions. Should have planned a bit better so I could have watched their night show.

Many taxi drivers seem to have low income today. I’ve lost count over how many asked if they could take me to mount of olives, Beit-Lehem, Jerico, Salt sea,….

Walked through mamilla on my way back to the hotel. Lots of people walking there, but no shops or restaurants open. Found a street with a few open restaurants. I guess I will wait some longer before eating. Have some cookies in my room.

Headed up to the sun terrace. Nice to sit here as long as it is cloudy. Think it will be too warm when the sun returns.  A couple is having their lunch.

Have been relaxing at the hotel, watching the news. Sad about all the unrest and killings. Personally I do not notice anything.  When at the Tower of David I was about 800m from the first stabbing today. I have opted to stay away from areas with high tension.

Tonights dinner

Dinner tasted great. Service, however, was lacking a lot. Waited half an hour at least after finishing main course, without any waiters coming to check if I wanted dessert. I watched the chess games of Magnus Carlsen and the results from Norway – Malta, so I was not in any hurry. After the games was over, I was fed up, and wanted to pay and get out. That turned out harder than I would have guessed. Had to ask three times and wait 15 minutes before I finally was able to pay and go. Just feeling sad…..

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