Day #9 — yawn

Car alarm going off. Nobody stops it. Hmm. Still dark. 03:35.  Same repeats two hours later. Trucks starting to move into the area.

Today is Friday prayer in the old city, so I’m waiting another day till the tension hopefully has been reduced.

A good day going to the zoo. I.e. not as in walking to the zoo. That would take an hour and a half. So, how do I get there? Taxi?  Checking with the concierge.

Well, well I guess it is time to get up.

Typical breakfast
View out the window
Looking for snacks

Had a nice time in the zoo.

Hmm. Two bites of salad…

On my way back from the zoo I stopped for a lunch in focaccia bar. Tasted good, but would have liked to have more chicken & salad and less bread. Oh well.

Didn’t walk much today

Went for a walk in the triangle. Stayed away from the old city more or less. More security resources patrolling, but I feel really safe. Knee not so good. Relaxing a bit at the hotel. Got an offer for dinner in the hotel which I will try. Will be good to check how good the dinners are here. Satisfied with the hotel so far.

Starter, which I picked out of 5 bowls. See next picture..
Some sort of chicken soup.

Forgot to take a picture of the fish…

Main course

Excellent food. Just a bit too much. I have to walk a lot tomorrow…..

Now, relax and edit pictures.

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