Day #8 — indoor

Cloudy and windy day, it seems. Definitely colder than in Tel Aviv.  Sort of nice as well since I am walking a lot.  

Lots of unrest yeaterday. If I hadn’t heard about it in the news I wouldn’t have known anything about it. Reckon today will be more quiet. 

Plan on going to a museum today.  We’ll see how that goes. 

Breakfast. Check.  

It started to rain a bit while walking to Knesset. Luckily I didn’t get too wet.  

Too early to get inside the Knesset. Waiting by the menorah. 

The future as seen by Chagall

Interesting tour at Knesset. Walking over to the Israel museum.

Elijah cup at Israel museum
Painted Sukkah

Finally got time for some food. Eating at Modern@museum. Good food and friendly waitresses. 

A bit stress when they started to remove all chairs and tables, while I was the last customer….  Possibly due to Halacha?

Apple pie and ice cream

 Walking back to the hotel for some rest.  My heels seems to work better now. Wish the knee would stop hurting as well.  

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