Day #7 — raining

It has been raining today and is quite cold compares to Tel Aviv. 

Hopefully the sun will arrive soon

Had breakfast,  so need to make a plan, I guess. Listening in to a discussion in the lobby about where to go. Looking in a brochure to see if there are any trips I want to take. 

Why do they have rain deer decoration in the lobby? 

Oh well. Time to walk around in the area. 

Have been walking around trying to find my way around. Been to Montefiore and the wind mill. 

Walked through mamilla and entered the Jaffa gate. According to tripadvisor is Versavee a good place to eat. While waiting for the food to arrive it started to rain. Moved inside… Hmm. Don’t understand the score they got on tripadvisor. Tend to agree with the tourist trap characteristics. Frozen vegetables. Probably not coming back here.  Let’s get the bill and carry on. 

Looking for some new sandals. Ended up buying insole replacement. So let’s hope it works out fine!

Sandals with new insoles

Found a hat shop close by, so might get a new panama hat. 

Today’s route. 9,24 km

Nice weather for walking today.  Not too warm. The rain was good for the country, but a bit annoying.

A lot about stabbings, shooting and stone throwing in the news. I don’t see a lot of that. One of the stabbings was in lions gate. Approx 2 km from where I live. I was just inside the Jaffa gate today, but still over one km away. I saw large groups of tourists going into the old city. I am feeling safe, but I pay attentions to the newscasts. 

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