Day #5

Relaxed well yesterday. Ready for some more walking. So far no plans, except for looking at some t-shirts at the Dizengoff mall. 

Had the ordinary breakfast with a green salad, scrambled eggs, a glass of juice and some bread. Skipped the tea today.

Nice day

So I did not pay attention to the calendar.  It’s Hoshana Rabbah, only restaurants are open. Need to wait till sunset or tomorrow to shop.  

Port area

Ice cream break at Aldo. Pistachio and French vanilla. This time in a cone. Way less messy then in a cup! Some shops are one at the port. Nice to relax a bit, watching people stroll by.  

View from my table

Seems that the portions are always large..

Tasted good. Walked some alternative streets back to the hotel.  Somehow I managed to loose the hat. Will have to see if I can find a new one.  

Strolling over to Dizengof mall. Seems dark and closed, but the security guard insists that I go in.  Eventually I find more people inside. Some shopkeepers start preparing to open the shops. Will it open at seven? People hanging around, others walking endlessly in anticipation for the opening. 

Finally got a few t-shirts. Some shops were open, but not many. 

Walked close to 16 km today. 30600 steps… A slight improvement in my feet, but still sore. Will be looking for other sandals when moving to the capital.  

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