Day #6 – moving

Last day in the white city. had breakfast already and are hanging around in the lobby. Most people seem to have checked out.  Cannot check in the new hotel before 3pm, so waiting as long as possible. Need to fill up the SIM card so I can manage without free wifi.  Probably not open before 10. 

Need to figure out how to get to J’lem.  

Relaxing at the beach promenade, observing people passing by. Few people at the beach today. They must be working, poor guys. 🙂 It is a bit cloudy and windy, so not the perfect weather. 

Some are in a hurry, others stroll by. Cars behind me in a steady flow, honking impatiently when they get the green light. Old guy with broom making the walk clean and tidy. Electric bikes sneak in on you at high speed. Pigeons begging for food.  A guy at the beach proposed to his girl. Happy, she was, doing the chicken dance(?). Some tourist with a tele lens photographed it all, rushing over to show them. Safta rolling her grandkid. 

Clouds are cracking, sun is warming. Tourist humming on a tune, while walking. 

View from where I sit  

Jogger’s thirsty want some water. Give him maim. Tourists asking where’s the marked directing them to Allenbys. Planes descending. Segways lining up.

Generations walking side by side. Crazy runners, way to hot! Kids in strollers in the shade. 

Dog is walking by hos owner in a leash. Pinching loaf makes It happy. Soon I should go find some shadow.  

Guy in suit and tie; how misplaced. Looking cool though with his glasses.  

Hard day so far. 1,81 km in 3 hours! Nice sitting in the sunlight. Now it’s time for some food. Was good getting under a root, with some cooling. Only a few steps from where I were. A bit annoying music I’ll admit.  

Lunch. Banana juice to drink. Tastes better than it looks…. Way too much food… 
Teleported to Jerusalem
Glimpse from room
View from bed

Friendly welcome to central hotel. Relaxing a bit and studying map. Maybe look for sandals….

So I don’t like queue.  Not buying shoes when I have to wait. 

Stopped by on of the restaurants I’ve been to before a few times. Rimon. 

Waiting for the dessert and Tea.  

It is good that I am staying on the quiet side of the hotel. Wonder how much noise is on the other side…. 

Expected warmer weather. Need to get a jacket if the temperature warms up.

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