Day #4

Early breakfast before 9… Busses are waiting for two groups outside. Guessing a spanish and possibly a Norwegian group. 

No plans today. Maybe I’ll walk to the Bauhaus area. I guess I will be googling after breakfast.  

Eh? One of the busses just left empty…? 

Still got sore heels. Found a blister on each heel yesterday. Hopefully compeed will take care of them. If not I will have to look for some new footware.  

Apple would not accept my pay for the elite version of the walk app. Rather my payment was declined. My bank would not allow me to login to check the account status. Hmm. Will see if I can find some tricks tonight. I guess I also should plan the next days ahead. Going north or not? Need to find a hotel as well. 

Time to finish the breakfast and plan the next steps in the lobby. Probably need to re-fill the SIM card tomorrow. 

Nice and warm

falafel in Frischman street.   Quite spicy. 

So I got into the mobile bank today.  A bill that had been paid, so it would not accept more withdrawals from the account. 

Nice lunch place.

Tried an unsweetened lemon juice.  It is quite sour. 

Walking back to the hotel as my feet are not doing well. Compeed did not help a lot.  Drained the blister for water. Hopefully that’ll keep me going. Plan to walk along the beach to Neve Tsedek. 

Found some shades south of the dolphinarium

Walked a bit before walking through Neve Tsedek. Nice shops in Shabazi st. Glad I had something to drink. It was quite hot…  The feet/knee are not too god. I might have to buy some shoes. 

Todays route. 11,6 km

Lazy evening, trying to recover the sore feet.  Booked a hotel for the last part of the trip. Now I need to figure out how to move to the next city. 

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