Day #3

Late start. Figured there would be a crowd for breakfast. Quite many coming late as well. 

Not many plans for the day. Will start walking in a direction and see where it leads too.   

Yellow label seems to be the only tea available in the hotel. Haven’t drunk it much since the 70’s. I might have to buy some tea bags myself…. 

Nice walking in the shadows

Quite warm walking around. Have been waking for two and a half hour. Great with the shadows. Lunch at max Brenner. Sandwich, salad and spicy Mexican chocolate. Didn’t quite make it to Moses. He must be walking about.  Try finding him another day….

Spicy Mexican chocolate. Not very spicy
Sandwich and salad

Time to walk on.

Got a New app to document how much I walk. 

Returning to base camp for a little siesta. The feets are starting to hurt and it is hot. 

Nice and warm. The breeze makes It lovely

Lots of hot dogs walking around…

So I found Moses. No trace of Elijah, yet.  

What’s the deal with the logo? Hope it’s not cat meat….  

Tasty burger
Creme brûlée? Tasted good.  

The area I walked in today. Approx 7km along the blue line. 

Got the app around lunch.  Walked quite a bit north and east of here. Btw the app is a real battery hog!

Now my feet and knee need some quality rest.  

Green line is trip before lunch. 

Nice sunset

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