Day #2

Breakfast at 8.  Walking over to Dizengoff shopping mall. They don’t open till 10 so waiting a bit before I get out. 

In the middle of Dizengoff st

Have checked out Dizengoff mall. Did not find anything. Walked Dizengoff to Frishman st and Ben Yehuda. 

Finally bought some sun blocker and the SIM card.  So will it be enough with 1Gb? According to the sales guy, it was far from enough. We’ll see. 

Relaxing and cooling down a bit at the hotel. Should probably get some food soon. 

Eventually I’ll head up toward the port.  

Had a salmon sandwich for lunch. Heading up north the port along the beach. Nice walk, maybe a bit warm. 30+. Met friends in the port. I had an ice cream with pistachio and French vanilla. It was a mess. The ice started melting immediately. 

Along the way

Walked on to find Moses. After a whom I checked the map. Turned out he was not up there, rather around Sederot Rotschild. Need to check another day. Walked back towards the hotel, approx 3km. 

Sitting at The beach, waiting for the sunset. 

Nice sunset

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