Kfar Nachum

Starting early this year as well…. Wakeup at seven… We are promised a tough day today.

Starting with a boat trip on Lake Kinneret.

On to Tabgha/Church of multiplication.

Then to the beach where Jesus met his disciples after the ressurection.

Kfar Nachum — the cradle of the Nazareen movement. A visit to the local synagogue, built ca 200 ad. Took a look at the house where Peter and mother in law lived. First meeting place for the nazareens.

Kibbutz Ein Gev, where we had lunch. Some ate Peter fish. Skipped it. Seemed to be lots of work removing all the bones in it. Ice cream for dessert. I managed to get dades instead. Nice.

Toward Har Bental we stopped to look at some tanks from the Yom Kippur war. Got a strong testimony from our guide. He almost lost his son in the last Lebanon war. He had also been wounded himself. He reminded us of the stress Israelis live under and the terror of wars. This is something we cannot even start to comprehend what it is like!!!

Nice view from Mt Bental. For some reasons we continued our journey to Banias even though it was pitch dark and it closed at 2pm due to the holiday. That was quit a stupid decision. Even though Caesarea Filippi was on the program, I don’t think it counts as having been there when passing in the dark. Well I didn’t carer to be there in the first place…., since I’ve been there before… 🙂 Note to self….. Give feeback on this after the trip. We did not get back to the hotel until 7pm. Hard day.

Highlight was testimony from guide. Sorry his plan to visit IDF soldiers failed.:-(

Ok dinner and a great discussion after dinner.

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