Started out with breakfast at the hotel in Ariel.
The hotel owner told us about his experience with suicide bombers. Also got to see a picture after the bomb went of. Not a pretty sight!!

First thing today was going to Caesarea. Hmm, this looks familiar, must have been there before… 🙂 Was hot there this year as well, but colder than last year. Didn’t get to spend as much time here this year, which was fine since I’ve seen it already.

We stopped to look at the viaduct before heading on to Mt. Carmel. Been there before so I guess it didn’t bring on much new. We saw the result of last years forest fire.

Beit Scandinavia

Next stop was Haifa where we had lunch at Beit Scandinavia. Didn’t eat much since it contained milk… Nice view over the city and surroundings.

From there we drove over to Nazareth, where we visited the Basillica of the Annunciation.

Arrived at the hotel in Tiberias and are waiting for dinner, which is Israeli style buffet. Plan to go downtown later to watch the night life…

Great trip so far, but somewhat colder than I expected.

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