Visiting Yardenit but no one in our group was baptized today.

Passed the bedouin museum/restaurant in Shibli which we visited last year. Continued to the top of Mt Tabor – Mount of transfiguration in a taxi. Nice pictures of Moses and Elijah…. However suppose this might not be the correct mountain, since there were some thousand roman soldiers on the top….. At the time.

Relaxing at Sakne. Lots of Israelis gathered to relax with their families. Barbequeing the meat very well… The smoke from the barbeque was laying dense around us… Apparently some blond norwegian girls in bikinis were causing some confusion for the arabs which thought they had come to paradise…. must have been at least 70… Some action as our 83 year old sank in the water and would have drowned unless there had been many people around him. Second time he almost drowned on this trip. Hopefullle he will not try to swim again…

Had a fallafel at a local gas station before heading down the Jordan Valley to Qaser El Yahud, another baptismal site. The Jordan river was quite narrow here and a bit strange to watch the Israeli and Jordani soldiers on each side. Must have been quite a boaring job. The atmosphere was quite relaxed.

View from hotel

Last leg was driving up to Jerusalem. Arrived at the hotel and had dinner before walking on King George st and Ben Yehuda st.

Going to be another hard day tomorrow. For some reason the agency seems to try to get us through a two-day program in a day.

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