Busy days

It has been quite busy the first days here. Started out on Friday with a Partner Counsil meeting. Stayed at the conference hotel in San Mateo.

Nice to meet some familiar products from home.

Walking about a bit in San Mateo. Turned out I’ve been here in 2015.

After the conference we took an Uber up to San Francisco. Traffic was terrible, so it took over an hour. Only paid $51, so wasn’t too bad.

Now the interesting part started… When checking into the hotel, they told us we were no-show, and they had charged our credit card. We did change the booking last summer to a day later, but booking.com seems to have skipped informing the hotel. Was a bit afraid we would have to find another hotel. Not too keen to do that in a crowded city. Luckily the room were still available.

View from the room.

Saturday we started at Lori’s diner across from the hotel. Had been there before. Nice place. Also turned in the suit and two shirts for dry cleaning at the hotel front desk.

After the breakfast we started walking. First we needed to get the 4G routers a new plan, so we could surf while here. Continued to walk quite long until we had to meet at Pier 3 for the boat trip. Good food and company.

Relaxed in the afternoon, to try get in the timezone. Walked down to the front desk to check on the laundry, which should have been ready at 6pm. They didn’t know anything about it, but would check. Left for Norwegian party at one of our partners in the evening.

Leaft early. Checked in on the laundry. Not much news, but the manager on duty had started to check. So it turned out that the max amount we would receive was 10 * the service fee. Or $375 if you like. That was not promising for a $1200 laundry.

Sunday morning, walked for a bit until we found an ok diner. Turned out to be so, so. Food was good, but the waiters not so good.

Spent the day at the downtown head quarter in financial district. Took part in a customer advisory board. Day ended well with a lot of useful discussions and networking. Free drinks and foot at the end, while Larry gave his KeyNote. Laundry ended up clean in the room. Yay!! 🙂

Norwegian gathering across the street from here. Walked over to a Partner reception, before returning to the gathering. Interesting discussion, before we all left for our hotels.

Sessions start tomorrow, so need to figure out what to do….

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