Leaving for SFO

Time to leave again. This time for San Francisco and OpenWorld.

Early rise this morning. Taxi arrived at 3:45am. At the airport at 4. Plenty of time before the plane leaves at 6. No queue at all for checkin and security. Not many people at work either.

Relaxing start on a long journey. Only slept for 3 hours, so I will hopefully sleep a lot on the plane.

Dark morning

So, I guess I’ll just have to wait for an hour before boarding.

Next stop is Amsterdam. Will have a few hours to wait, so no need to rush.

Had soup for breakfast in the lounge. Walked a around for a while since we will sit for hours.

On our way to the gate we met a guy we’ve seen before who is also going to the conference.

Boarded and are waiting for the plane to take off. A bit delay, but believe he said the trip would take less than 10 hours.

Arrived 45 mins before schedule. Automate for immigration worked fine. For once we had to wait for the luggage. Airport worked super smooth this time.

Had to wait a while for the hotel shuttle bus. Checked in to the hotel and worked a bit to catch up with work email.

Nice and warm weather 27-ish. Walked over to downtown San Mateo for some food.

Hey. Water from home in my hotel room. $5 is a bit steep? Hmm, $4 for some other water in the Hotel shop.

Some pictures from the walk.

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