Aalborg – Day 2

Another day in Aalborg. Looking at the weather forecast it is not easy to determine what to do. According to the Norwegian met it is going to be all nice. The danish colleagues does not agree. They say it is going to rain and be colder.

Checking the wether at DR1 (top picture). Looking a bit better? Or is it just a more compelling presentation?

Oh, well. Not much to do about the weather. Starting out in the zoo when they open at 10, so I need to need to leave a quarter 10.

I used walkmeter yesterday to track my movements… However; it did not like that I used google maps. It stopped tracking…. Soo cannot use it. Today I will try tracker. It’s not as advanced, but it keeps tracking. I only need a gpx file to map my movements and add the gps location to the photos. Simple requirements… 😊

Need breakfast before heading out Walking.

Well a long line to get into the zoo. Starting 10:05-10:20? Actually wasn’t too bad..

Aalborg Zoo

Spent approx 90 minutes in there so it wasn’t too big.

Overheard a dad tell his kid: Come look at this big rabbit…. Turned out to be an anteater….

After the zoo I walked down to: Vor frelsers kirke, to meet Kell and the staff. I also got the grand tour, including a trip up the bell tower. Personally I prefer to stay on the ground, but it wasn’t too bad. Great view!

Walked around the city aimlessly to look for photo motives.

Walked up to the hotel to relax a bit. Met up with Kell when he had finished his work. He gave me a guided tour of Aalborg. Actually a nice city..

After a while, we figured out it was time for some food.

So where am I going from here? Don’t know yet. Seems that it is going to rain in the north, so I need to check the weather.

Probably driving Margeritrouten westward. Dont know where I am staving tomorrow….

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