Finally time for vacation. It has been a long summer. Nice morning, but a bit early.

This time I am heading south to our neighbours, Denmark. First leg is to the ferry terminal in Kristiansand. Quite a lot of people at this hour, 6:45 am. Some locals, tourists heading home. A good mix.

The goal for the day is Aalborg. Staying a few nights. That is all that is planned, except for the return next Monday.

Some ideas I have, is:

  • Aalborg zoo
  • Ree safari park
  • Jespershus blomsterpark
  • Parts of the Margeritt tour
  • Walk around and take photos
  • Avoid the rain, seek the sun

Waiting to board the ferry.

Crowded boat today. Glad I reserved a seat.

Relaxing trip. No shopping. A bit hungry. Might have to get some food in Hirtshals.

Driving on, taking 55 south. Tried a brief stop in Løkken, but the parking lot was full.

In Saltrup I spotted an ATM. Stopping.

Now the ATM wasn’t too happy. My card was blocked from use in Denmark. Luckily I was able to fix it quickly using the bank app.

There was also a grocery store close by, so I bought some necessities.

Hmm. I will be arriving a bit too early. Taking a detour west.

Arrived and checked in to the hotel. Got a parking garage for a few nights. I doubt I need the car while here.

Waiting for a conference in 20 mins. Then I should start looking for some sights and food.

Finally I found some food. Burrito.. It was good. Not too hungry. Also walked around a bitafter the conf call. Finally vacation.
Have been tired today, so turning in early. Updating the blog, while watching the news.

Tomorrow I will see if I can find a Nikon Pro Dealer, go to the zoo, visit Kell, take lots of pictures. I suppose I should start making some more plans for the trip.

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