Woke up at 2pm as planned. 10mins to pack the last things. 2:15pm checked out of the hotel. 5 mins later I was in the taxi.

Smooth security control #1. Waiting for KLM to open the baggage drop………. 3 hours before they plane is leaving. Smooth.  Hmm. Several Norwegians. Group? Some going to SVG.

Probably smart that I moved some items from carry-on to the jacket. Saved me some trouble. Half a kilo over didn’t matter. I could have checked in the carry-on for free. Not too keen since I have got the photo equipment there. Too many NIS/NOK. Check carry-on. Smooth.

Exit control. Could do biometric, but there were no line at the manual check, so why bother…

Time for Breakfast. Two hours to wait till I have to be at the gate. So far, all planes are on time. 14 planes leaving before 8am.  🙄

Shops seems to open at 4am at TLV. The only thing I probably should have is tea.

5:10 hours layover time in Amsterdam. 😳 hopefully I can get into the lounge…..

Plane left before schedule! I was sound asleep before takeoff.  😴 Slept quite much.

Some action just after takeoff, though. A woman in the row in front of me started to shake for at least 5 minutes. All flight attendants were present, trying to figure out what was going on. Medical doctors were paged, but no one turned up. She seemed to be ok after a while. Walked off the plane by herself.

So I got into the lounge and am sitting here eating pain au chocolat.  Would be nice if they had soup….

Time is 11 and I have been here since 9. Still a few hours to wait. 3 1/2 hours till I have to be at the gate. Gonna be a lot of pain…. 🙄

Travelling Stig told me there is another place I should check. Yuhu. There is the soup! 😊

Flight home were ok, I slept a lot…  Home after 17 hours… Quite tired.

Had a great trip. Some highlights were:

  • Meeting friends
  • Hula Valley
  • KKCJ
  • Driving and walking around

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