Prime time #3

Last day in Israel. Today they changed to summertime. Wanted to walk down to Neve Tzedek.

Neve Tzedek (Hebrew: נווה צדק‎‎, lit. Abode of Justice) is a neighborhood located in southwestern Tel Aviv, Israel. It was the first Jewish neighborhood to be built outside the old city of the ancient port of Jaffa. Originally a Mizrahi Jewish and Yemenite Jewish neighbourhood, for years, the neighborhood prospered as Tel Aviv, the first modern Hebrew city, grew up around it. Years of neglect and disrepair followed, but since the early 1980s, Neve Tzedek has become one of Tel Aviv’s latest fashionable and expensive districts, with a village-like atmosphere. Literally, Neve Tzedek means Abode of Justice, but it is also one of the names for God (Jeremiah 50:7).


Walked first down to Sderot Rothschild and had a brunch at Max Brenner.

Breakfast option…

From there I walked to Neve Tzedek and watched the buildings. There was one penthouse apartment for sale for 45 Million NIS. (> 100 MNOK). I did NOT buy it!

From there I walked slowly back to the hotel along the beach, relaxing on multiple benches.

A final relaxing day at the beach in Tel Aviv. Early tomorrow morning, I am flying back home.


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