Going west

Time to go west.  Starting the day on Mount Tabor. Have been there, but love the road up, so it will be great driving up there… 🙂 A bit misty today, so don’t know how much of a view there will be.

View when driving up to Tabor.
Church of Transfiguration
View from the top
On the way down again

Continuing to the old city of Akko.

Time to leave for Haifa and get rid of the rental car.  A bit messy traffic…, but was finally able to fill up the car and return the rental car. Waiting on a taxi to drive me to the hotel.   Hmm, a police car outside.. Ah, a lady is visibly upset being stopped…. Wow, she was not happy… Well, well, there is my taxi.  Not too bad traffic so it didn’t take more than 10 minutes to get to the hotel. Hmm, police and ambulance is present not far from the hotel. Seems to be a traffic accident with fatality.

Finally got to the hotel and got rid of the suitcases at the hotel.  Walking over to the Bahai gardens, to take a look up at it.  Walking a bit too much, så went back to the hotel to relax and book hotel for the next two nights.

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