Birdy birdy nam nam

Plenty of birds in Tiberias. Heard them from early morning…

After breakfast this morning, I headed north for the Hula Valley, to look for birds… 🙂 Started out in The Hula Preservation.

Nice and quiet walk and quite a number of birds. After a while a school class caught up with me. They were  making a lot of noise, so I finished the walk quite fast.

It didn’t take so long, so I decided to go to Lake Hula, a short drive North.

Had quite much fun here, as I rented a golf cart to drive around the lake.  I also wanted to do the Safari tour, but they did not have room/recommended me to go before 5pm.  So I had 4 hours to kill….

Decided to drive to Mount Meron (1,208 metres (3,963 ft) above sea level). It turned out to be well guarded, so I could not get to the top. I walked a on a trail, for some kilometers and back.

Drove back to Lake Hula, to go on the Safari (So we sat in the tractor trailer…., not easy to take picture, when driving on the fields….). Luckily they stopped once in a while. Have no clue what the guide talked about…. Everybody else seemed to understand hebrew…  Besides this the Safari was excellent. We did see a lot of migrating cranes.

Ooops, wrong crane.


Walked a lot today 65,5 km. Oh, wait. There might be some driving and golf carting in there…. 😉

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