Up to Jerusalem


To my big surprise I discovered that there was a Marathon going on in Jerusalem. How am I going to get there? Trains stopping at noon. Taxis not getting in?

I could relax at the beach and grab a taxi, but it is Shabbat. Will have to check with the concierge. 

Recommendation is to take the train or bus before noon from Savidor. Taxi driver was more than happy to take me to Jerusalem for 350, which was a bargain! Usually it would cost 400!

Decided to take the taxi to Savidor for 50 instead. Once through security I figured out the ticket machine. Another 20… lots of people, nut there were many trains, so the train I boarded had plenty of room! 

Dirty windows so I did not take many pictures. Nice ride, very comfortable. Will do it again! 

Waiting @ Savidor
View from the train
View from the train

Was able to get a taxi, even though the Arab probably should have been to Friday prayers. We gave it a shot. As a backup plan it seemed that it was possible to drive to the Shuk and walk from there. Turned out the roads were open again! Another 60. In total 130. So I still saved a few bucks! 😊

Stopped right outside the hotel. Check-in was fast. The view from my room is quite good… 🙂

View from hotel room
View from hotel room

Started with a lunch across the street at the Foccacia bar, since I had not eaten since breakfast.

Chicken Sandwich

Walked around a bit just to figure out how I was staying relative to the other visits.

Anyone need a “new” mainboard?


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