Leaving. First vacation this year. Will be good to have some days off. 

Problems with the KLM app yesterday so I needed help checking in. Great support on their social media channels. 

Got some comments on the weight of the hand luggage. First time I have had to weigh it. Bad day I guess. My suit case was lighter than my hand luggage. I guess I will have to rebalance before going home. 

Time to get some food. Ciabatta with chicken and curry it is. And orange juice. Some family weakness seemed to appear out of nowhere. The food almost got stuck. Guess I had been drinking too little and eating to fast. After a while I was able to swallow the food again. 

Nice flight to AMS. Basic sandwiches with cheese and a coke. Was able to sleep some, which is great since I am not reaching the final destination before 4-ish tomorrow morning.  

Smooth passport control. Didn’t take more than a few minutes. 

An hour to wait at AMS, so I got some tea and a bottle of water. Sitting here observing the fellow passengers. On time I guess. The plane arrived. Expecting boarding within minutes. 

A bit disappointed with the blogging app which does not seem to work very well on the phone.  Seems to work better on the iPad.

Security interview with labeling of passport.  Waiting a bit before boarding the plane. Lots of hand luggage on board. Force is used to squeeze in more of it. Hopefully none of my photo equipment is harmed. 

Now they want to enforce one piece of luggage per person in the bin?? A bit late. Slow boarding. There must be a better way. The plane is quite full!!

Had a window seat, which usually works fine. This time there was ice next to the window. A bit cold! It seems that KLM only honor the food preferences, when going to Israel. They never cared to the US. Talked to a nice couple from Haifa, and got some tips on what to visit there.

Security wasn’t too bad this time. Took maybe 20 minutes. Took longer to get the luggage. Grabbed a taxi to the hotel. Now it’s four am. Time to get some sleep. 

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