Monument valley

The plan today:

  • Breakfast
  • Page, AZ
    • Antelope Lower Canyon –  Skipped
    • Horseshoe bend, AZ
    • Antelope Canyon – Skipped
  • Monument Valley, AZ
  • Mexican Hat, UT
  • Four Corners Monument
  • End up in Cortez, CO.

Most of the plan worked out. The exception was the Antelope Canyon, which required a guided tour. Took too long, so we skipped it.

Have been driving quite much today as well…, but also seen a lot. Have been to New Mexico for the first time. Check…

Horseshoe bend was nice. Glad it wasn’t warmer as we had to walk for approx 1.5 miles. Only needed 24-70, so could have skipped the rest.

Quite many people walked to the rim.
Sandals worked fine…
Horseshoe bend, AZ

Next up was monument valley. Took us some hours to get there. Note to self…. Road is quite poor. Need a good SUV to drive there. Someone did drive with Fiat 500s and Ford Mustangs… Poor guys…

Monument valley
Mexican Hat
Four corners monument
Four corners monument – Standing in 4 states at the same time…

Ended the day with a dinner at the local Destination Grill. #2 in Cortez, CO. Great burger. The Crème brûlée was a bit strange with Maple Syrup instead of a sugar topping… Was raining a bit tonight.

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