Going to Zion

National park #3 in Utah today. This time Zion.  Early drive today as it is a 1:40 hours drive.  standard breakfast at the crazy cow. Only giving us 1 beverage today, so this is probably the last time eating here…  😉

Cow art

Driving for 1:40 hours to Get to springdale. Were lucky to get a parking lot! Walked up to the free shuttle. It took 40 minutes one way.  Hopped of the bus a few times to take some pictures.  Did not do any hikes, so we probably missed some photo ops. Current ranking of parks. 

  1. Bruce
  2. Capitol Reef
  3. Zion

After Zion we had plenty of time. Driving to Coral pink sand dunes state park. Nice!  From there we drove south, planning a short visit to Arizona. When entering and meeting us with a gravel road, we decided to drive back… 12 miles on gravel road did not seem like a good idea. 

The goal for the day was Kanab, UT, but we still had some time over.  Going over to Old Paria where some movies were recorded. Everything looks fine. We found the road and drove for 5 miles on a gravel road. Met a couple from San Diego with their dog. So it turned out that somebody torched the movie sets i 2006…. Not much to see!!!! 🙁 Would have been nice with a warning before driving to the site!! Car was covered with a fine red dust layer….

Don’t drive to Old Paria…

Found a car wash in Kanab and cleaned up the car a bit, before checking into the motel. 

Tomorrow the goal is Cortez, CO. 

Dinner at http://www.rockingvcafe.com/. I had:

  • Tomato and basil soup.  Excellent.
  • Deep enchilada dish with chicken. Very good
  • Crème brûlée. Very good.

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