After breakfast and checkout, we went to Home Depot to get some tools and flooring… To bad they didn’t have what we wanted…. 🙂 We settled with a cooler and some ice.

Cloudy but nice temperature  
Tools I didn’t buy. 
Too heavy to bringing home.

Since the end of the Oregon trail museum was close we drove by. Not much to see, so we are heading to Downtown Portland.  

Walked around a bit looking at portlandia and historic court house.  Nice city, but not convinced I would live here.  

Driving on to Historic US 30.  

Drove by multnah falls, but there were no free parking and lots of traffic. Oh well. Been there. 

Nice hotel. 2 queens, 2 tvs, sofa,…
Pasco, WA.  

Lots of driving today. We should be in route to get to Denver in time. Starting to heat up as well so we will soon have to shop more coke. 

In the news

Norway defeats Angola in handball

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