Breakfast at 9. Starting to get into the timezone. 
A cold day so added a lot of clothes.   

Museum of flight

Started the day at the museum. Before we entered the museum we waited a bit along the air strip, as people gathered with cameras… Having waited half an hour the Blue Angels turned up and did a formation take off. 

Blue Angles takeoff
Air Force One #1
Space needle – too many people…. 

Drove to Seattle and the Pike Place market. A bit chaotic traffic, but we found a parking center pretty close. Walked a few blocks down to market.  Nice place with lots of flowers for sale. We didn’t walk over all of it. 

Traffic started to pile up, but we decided to drive the space needle to check it out. Luckily we found a parking lot beside the building. Walked over and stayed a while, but did not join the line to look at the view.  

Water from home… 

Found some water from my home town. 

Drove back toward Tacoma. Lots of traffic… 🙁 Did some shopping before returning to the hotel. Relaxing a bit and planning tomorrow. Mt st Helens and  /or Mt Rainier. 

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