blue ridge highway

Nice drive in the blue ridge. Unfortunately I forgot my sd card reader in waynesboro, so I will have to get a new one before posting any pictures. Lunch in Lynchburg…., we survived… 🙂 Headed back towards Dulles, VA, to be in position for tomorrows activities. Driving through Charlotteville, we passed a thunderstorm, with quiteContinue reading “blue ridge highway”


Drove Lincoln Highway/US30 to Gettysburg. Spent some time at the Visitor center and driving around in the battlefield. After the sightseeing we headed for Frederick, MD.Mexican food for dinner. What should we have done without TripAdvisor…..  🙂 Kjørte Lincoln highway til Gettysburg.  Besøkte museumet og kjørte rundt på slagmarken… På ettermiddagen kjørte vi videre tilContinue reading “gettysburg”