Want to head to Hirtshals tonight so we don’t need to head out early tomorrow morning. First we are heading to Hanstholm to visit the Bunkermuseum.


Started out at the Bunkermuseum, which is Northern Europe’s largest WWII battery complex.

The battery was built in 1941 together with a similar battery at Kristiansand in Norway, blocking the entrance to the Skagerrak, to keep the English fleet out. The battery consisted of four large 38cm guns, each of which had a weight of 110 tons. The guns could fire a distance of 55km… almost halfway to Norway!



Headed to Thiested for a lunch at Pizzeria Roma


Were not able to find a hotel online, so we drove to a hotel and hoped we would find a room. And indeed we got a large room at Seafront Hotel. Had dinner at the nearby Hirtshals kro. The weather was nice, so we walked about and sat watching the ferries come and go.


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