Mols, Jutland

Drove the Marguerite route towards Mols.

Stopping at Rosenholm Castle is Denmark‘s oldest family-owned castle. It is located on Djursland, north of Hornslet and northeast of Aarhus. It is one of the best-preserved complexes from the golden age of the manor house – from 1550 to 1630. We did not take the tour this time.

Danmark 22 Foto: Hans Lie (@hanslie)

Moved on through Rønde to the Kalø Castle.

The castle was constructed in 1313 by the Danish king Erik Menved (Erik VI). It was one of at least four similar strongholds in Jutland, constructed to counter the ongoing rebellions of the Jutlandic nobility and peasantry against the Crown. King Christian II held the future Swedish king Gustav Vasa captive at Kalø during 1518-1519, until he escaped and fled to Lübeck, disguised as a common peasant.


Moving on to Ebeltoft for sightseeing and a lunch at Cafe Bageriet. Had to wait 40 minutes for the food, but it was very good.

Ebeltoft is known for its old town center with cobble-stoned streets and centuries-old half-timbered houses. Plans for the conservation of this peculiar environment, was initiated in the 1960s by the city council and the National Museum of Denmark.[Apart from this overall old-village charm, Ebeltoft holds several other notable institutions such as Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, one of the world’s first glass museums, Fregatten Jylland, the longest wooden warship in the world and the European Film College, offering short and long courses in film making, especially for young people.


Driving toward Grenen, before heading back to Aarhus. Visited the art museum Aros.

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